Monday, 22 February 2016

Have You ever Fallen in Love?

Love is a beautiful thing which I wish for every one of us to experience even if it’s just once but at least you need to experience it…. Been in love is that strong that even if you no more with that person, deep down in your heart, you know you will always care for that person.

I personally I have been in love and that magical feeling happened in 2010… it was a feeling I have never experienced in my whole life…*smiles* that was my first time been in love…… It happened that we meet on a social platform, we were in two different continent, he added me up and we got talking and while going through his pictures, I fell for him and he did same…*smiles*we started chatting like we’ve known each other for years whereas we’ve never seen each other physically. As we kept chatting, (mind you we were yet to start talking on phone) we were getting closer and closer then the days ran quickly into a week and then he told me something that made my heart skipped ….ohhhh… he said please give me your number I need to discuss something with you, and I was forming like I can’t immediately give out my no even though we’ve be chatting for a while….lol….so eventually I gave him my no and some minutes later he called and was like …. “I need to tell you something ……there is this girl I’ve been liking for a while though we’ve been talking and all but I really do like her and I have fallen heads over heels for her but the thing is that I don’t know if the feelings is mutual cos I don’t want a situation whereby I will tell her and she will turn me down” heheheheh In my mind of mind I was see this dude oooo who is he tryna play mind games with…lol…I really liked him that every second of the day I was always looking forward to a chat message from him and it was never boring with him so I just told him that he should just man up and talk to the girl in question at least he will know his position with her and he was ok no problem I think that is best and I was yeah it’s what I will do if I was a guy…lol….but In my mind, I was hopefully wishing he was talking about me but didn’t wanna get my hopes high so I just had to keep my cool on phone…lol…then the next thing he said to me was like what if you are the one I am talking about………………………………………..*eyeswideopen*….immediately he said that, I just kept quiet and was like pls stop kidding me ok and he said I am dead serious AM IN LOVE WITH YOU will you agree to be my girlfriend?............wheeew…thank God he was not saying it to my face cos I would have given myself away…………………………..after he asked me to be his girlfriend, I told him to give me some time to think and he was like ok but it shouldn’t be long……for crying out loud he didn’t expect me to say yes to him out rightly nau…girls will always be girls we need to form hard to get but piece of advice when forming the hard to get type, don’t overstretch it so you won’t throw him off especially if the feeling is mutual….so back to me….. Eventually he called like say after three days and was like he wants his response….and I said YES I WOULD LOVE TO BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND.*am blushing right now* of cos why wouldn’t I say yes…no tell me…hehehe….the feelings were mutual. So we officially started dating in 2010 and sailed on smoothly for 6 months before we finally met when he came back into the country…..I was so so shy meeting him for the first time at his home…we greeted each other, hugged and when we settled in after gisting and laughing over past events in our 6months of not seeing, we eventually kissed *covers face* but don’t worry guys there was nothing like sex….i know you’ll are itching to hear that…*smiles*

Our relationship went on though we had our rough patches but one thing that kept us together was our desire to make it work…everyday seemed like we just met and for every rough time we had, it rather drew us closer and closer….he was my best friend and I was his best friend too there was nothing I didn’t know about him, ranging from family to secrets , to pin to his atm cards, passwords to his emails and social media acc’s I was his better half his partner in crime ..…we were extremely close….but alas it all came crashing down in December 2015… it was a sad day for me..but I never for once shed a tear for him not because I never loved him, No!.. but because in the cause of our relationship, I had learnt to work on my emotions, that when we parted ways I felt like you know what let it just be…maybe I needed a break from relationship…but I must admit with him was the first time I ever felt what it feels like to be in love and I will always love him and wish him the best in life… I don’t know if we are ever gonna come back again(not like I wish that) but my heart is tough to handle anything.

So My diary readers that is the little of me been in love and I want every one of us to share our stories…..pls I know some of us might or might no longer be with the person or persons(some people fall in love plenty times…lol) we first experienced what it felt like to be in love yeah but please this post is for us to bask in the good memories of when we were in love…..just lay out the good things and leave the bad out….we are taking this journey one step at a time and will surely heal at some point ok..

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  1. Awww! Olivia dear, I was close to tears when you said the whole thing came crashing in December 2015. You must have felt so bad because it hurts to say goodbye to the one you love. If it's God's will that you guys would get back together, it will definitely be so. I've once been in that situation but I thank God that today, I'm married to my best friend. Love is truly a beautiful thing when you find one.

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  2. wow so amazing post and words, touching my heart. Love is a difficut felling to find be reciprocated

    Melange-Boutique Blog || Instgram

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  4. I believe in love... love is a magical thing when you meet it!
    Well written post Olivia, I wish you a life full of love!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  5. So sorry. I couldn't read it. It is all jumbled up. please space the paragraphs.

  6. Love is life. I pray you find love again. Such a touching story

  7. Ehya... it seems you both really had a good thing going on..too sad the plugs were pulled out.. i pray you find better love.. i know how it feels.

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  8. Love it's a beautiful thing dear. Is it that bad that you don't wish both of you back? Wish you the best anyways.

  9. Awwggh! This was an amazing piece.. Oshey! We sef go love oh!!! hehehehe. I particularly love your sincerity and innocence Olivia.. You feel so Young and alive.. and thats an amazing Character of a Blogger.. Weldone Bubba.. Weldone. Many will love you on here.. Weldone.

    To this Young and utterly confused 24 year old yeah.. I think the ghen ghen Thing about Love is.. "When you want to fall into it.. Let go completely and when you want to climb outta it and leave it behind.. let Go completely as well. :)

    This was a ghen ghen piece.. Thanks for sharing Baby mi.

    P.S: Thank you for coming by the YnC Page earlier today Bubba.. You gave me an Oshey Turn uP kinda Feeling iBlush.. GOD Bless you Bubba. xx

  10. Awwww....what happened?
    I hope you guys come back together ooo...#fingerscrossed
    I love LOVE....


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