Friday, 12 August 2022

Get your Dapper Acemenswear Suits with Ease

Baldwin Bespoke Black 3 Pieces Custom Wedding Suit For Grooms

Alot of times, we hear side talks that the fashion industry seems to be concentrating more on the female fashion pieces and by that I mean doling out amazing and trendiest styles for the females, forgetting about the males but this is me standing here to tell you that it is not true and that in fact the men fashion is literally taking over the world.

Thursday, 29 October 2020

Classic Suits For Men From AllAboutSuit

Fancy Emerald Green Tuxedo | Unique Three Pieces Men Suits with Velvet Lapel
Hi everyone as we all know, we in the wedding season which means lots of weddings are going on all around us and it’s usually a beautiful sight to behold due to the arrays of colours which will be on display and with let me introduce you all to allboutsuit which is an online store that stock on very fine suits for our super dapper men, making them look like a million dollar bucks.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Am back To Full Blogging/ Happy New Year.

Hello everyone...

First and foremost, this is me wising everyone a happy new year cos it feels like ages.....Am so sorry i left blogging for a while, had stuffs i was pursuing and i knew i will not be able to combine blogging and what i was doing together that's why i had to forfeit one but i thank God am a bit settled so i will be returning to full blogging and p promise ya'll that we've got fantastic topics to talk about.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

When Is The Right Time To Go Into Another Relationship?

Hello Oli readers. Happy New Month and am so sorry for the long absence, I had lots of engagements which involved travelling a lot but not to worry I am back to serve you guys hot topic straight from reality’s pot and will not be flip out on you all anymore again.

So for today we going to be discussing on the topic when is the right time to go into another relationship. Yes you heard right…..we just finished talking about breakup and moving on and now in the cause of moving on, some people might want to move on to another relationship but in some cases is not bad but we should try and understand that there are times in life that we just have to walk away from all the dramas so as to breathe a fresher air.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Are you his or her rebound?

I know many of us might know the meaning of being one’s rebound but I will still try to explain it in a lay man’s English. What does it really mean to be someone’s rebound guy or girl? It simply means when a guy or a girl breaks up with someone, and instead of getting over him/her and then moving on to date others, he or she may get involved with someone right away as a method of helping them get over their ex or to avoid the pain of breakup…rebound relationships doesn’t always last long that is if the guy or the girl in question is still holding on tight to the memories of the ex..

Friday, 4 March 2016

How Does It Feel To Be Single?

To be single means to be free from any form of romantic relationship in whatever form or style it might present itself and by that I mean you can’t say oh I don’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend yeah but once in a while I still kiss, smooch or even have sex….hell to the NO you are not single. Being single means you’ve either decided to stay completely away from the opposite sex or found yourself where you can’t seem to get someone to date you or you thinking something is wrong with you that no one wants to that you.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Have you Moved on?

I was going through the comment on the Have you ever fallen in love post and part of the comment of Duru caught my fancy.. in his words…."To this Young and utterly confused 24 year old yeah.. I think the ghen ghen Thing about Love is.. "When you want to fall into it.. Let go completely and when you want to climb outta it and leave it behind.. let Go completely as well. :) "