Saturday, 2 April 2016

When Is The Right Time To Go Into Another Relationship?

Hello Oli readers. Happy New Month and am so sorry for the long absence, I had lots of engagements which involved travelling a lot but not to worry I am back to serve you guys hot topic straight from reality’s pot and will not be flip out on you all anymore again.

So for today we going to be discussing on the topic when is the right time to go into another relationship. Yes you heard right…..we just finished talking about breakup and moving on and now in the cause of moving on, some people might want to move on to another relationship but in some cases is not bad but we should try and understand that there are times in life that we just have to walk away from all the dramas so as to breathe a fresher air.

So are you among those who are willingly to give love another shot? Well this post is for you and I hope it goes a long way in helping you decided on what your next action would be. Moving unto another relationship is not bad especially if it’s not the rebound kind of relationship.
 So before you get into another, you should ask yourself the following questions…… I really emotionally ready for another relationship? When we say emotionally ready I simple mean will you be able to invest your total mind, heart, head and energy into that new relationship because there are some girls or guys who are that needy e.g .. Baby you not being romantic enough, baby you not sensitive to my needs and feelings, baby I want to be with you don’t want you to go away, baby come and kiss me, baby come and make love to me and the list goes on and in situations like this, the guy or the lady might not be in the mood or say right frame of mind at that moment for all that which might lead to him being edgy and in such situations, the end result is misunderstandings and fighting. Other question is
2.Will I be patient and tolerant enough to endue what I went through in my previous relationship?
3. there are unique qualities I admired in my ex that I might want in my present, will he/she be able to offer?
4.will I be going into it for the short or long run?

Now after answering this few questions and your answers to them is negative, my dear you are not yet ready but should give it time. Like me am presently in no relationship cos i know deep down i  me that am so not ready.

When you eventually decide that you not ready, use that opportunity to fall in love with yourself and by doing so, you will grow and mature more in all aspect of your life which will be a great bonus for when you will be ready to take another leap of faith towards love. Surely love will find you cos the best is waiting for you.

Never forget that you can only love when you ready to open up again.

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  1. Why not? If you meet the right person!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  2. I think we should take time between two relationship otherwise the risk of a rebound is too high and we can get even more hurt. Kisses

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  3. There is no basic "right" time. I think.

    Once you know you are ready, you are.

    Great post Oli!

  4. When you feel you have met the right person.

  5. Nice post. The right time is as important as the right person.

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