Friday, 4 March 2016

How Does It Feel To Be Single?

To be single means to be free from any form of romantic relationship in whatever form or style it might present itself and by that I mean you can’t say oh I don’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend yeah but once in a while I still kiss, smooch or even have sex….hell to the NO you are not single. Being single means you’ve either decided to stay completely away from the opposite sex or found yourself where you can’t seem to get someone to date you or you thinking something is wrong with you that no one wants to that you.

Being single does not mean you are sick or something is wrong with you but rather it’s the state of one’s mind at a particular period of time. It’s actually liberating to be single cos it an opportunity whereby you tend to focus and work on yourself more.

Being single is not a status, it is a word that describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others. When you single, you become the boss of your life without having to be answerable to any niggar. No one to disturb you with calls especially when you not in the mood, no one to perform FBI or CIA duties in your life…geez some guys are that controlling (God has delivered us), no one to make you feel like you a beggar or that they can enslave you all because they are spending their change called money on you..mstweeh,……… or no one to demand sex or love making from you every seceond of the day thereby ruining the chances for your future husband, or no one making you do wifely duties e.g cooking, doing the dishes or laundry like he is married to you cos even if you guys are engaged, it’s still not ok because there is no guarantee that he won’t break the engagement.…..the list goes on.

So you see why I said it feels really good to be single. As a girl yeah the common ideology everyone has is to look for one rich guy to be sponsoring us and all that but trust me when I tell you that it is bullshit ok … most times you don’t realize that being yourself is good but working really hard to make something of yourself is more fulfilling.

Use this period of waiting for your Mr. right to break the jinx of being just a sex symbol and work hard to make money for yourself so that when you eventually get Mr. right, and maybe you stylishly ask him for something and he starts frowning his face, *scoff* you’ll just make him understand you a big girl and can take care of yourself…it’s just that you wanna feel good when your boyfriend spends for you.

For now am talking to my ladies ok. Use this period of you being single to make something for yourself cos now there is no distractions from man’s wahala. Don’t be too quick to want to jump onto another relationship, take your time and you will be fine.

Learn to hangout more with your same sex cos you will learn more don’t worry we will talk about this is subsequent post.

So when next people ask you why an attractive, young and intelligent girl like you is single, your response to them should be that you are overqualified so they can’t handle the heat.


  1. Hehehe i hd a good lugh reading through.. as for me qm single nd happy..sometimes we ll need a break from relationship palavers

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  2. Let them not be doing miss independent and remain

  3. Enjoy your singleness. It won't last forever. Lovely piece

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  6. Wow this is wonderful article, sometimes you need to be yourself.

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  7. Dat's true. Check out the link below on my tips on making d most out of single life.

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  10. Being single is a very interesting phase... but it is important to know when to move on. Building ones value system and principles should be one of the very focus of singlehood.

    Great read. Thanks for sharing and a nice space you have here.

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    The POST is rich in idea but the teaching is too tough to be realistic. All these if implemented could ruin a lady's life. That is my problem with self dependent ladies.

    They laugh in public and weep to bed every night for loneliness.

  12. I've bookmarked your blog already! Nice


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