Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Have you Moved on?

I was going through the comment on the Have you ever fallen in love post and part of the comment of Duru caught my fancy.. in his words…."To this Young and utterly confused 24 year old yeah.. I think the ghen ghen Thing about Love is.. "When you want to fall into it.. Let go completely and when you want to climb outta it and leave it behind.. let Go completely as well. :) "

When you out of a relationship, does not mean it’s the end of the world ok. It only means that you deserve better than what you’ve been getting. It might seem hard at first, but at the end it will be worth it.

Let me tell you girls something, guys move on faster than we ladies because there are some gullible girls out there who are ready to give them the chance but not to worry we are taught to give out things we no longer make use of. You can only drag a horse to the river but can never force it to drink the water. Which simply means that you might go back to your previous relationship, but can never be sure of things to get better.

Focus your mind on the brighter future ahead of you and you will be fine. But one first step you need to take in other to move on completely, is to learn to forgive. Forgive yourself for tolerating and staying that long, then forgive him of everything he must have done.

You can’t totally get over someone who meant so much to you, but you just have to learn to move on because they have done the same.

When you decide to get out of a relationship, like Duru said, get out completely and not halfway it’s not because you never loved him or her, but because you want to be a better person for yourself. Never have the mind that now that we done, and we give ourselves some space, he might reconsider and take me back… like seriously are you crazy? Can’t you aim higher in your emotional life ehn? Don’t you know that when you guys decide to give your relationship another trial, things will never be the same again. My dearies a broken courtship is better than a broken marriage so pack your bag and baggage and move on completely but take it slowly.
So my lovely girls out there, move on and stop hurting yourself cos it will only get worse. The hard truth is that he ahs moved on ok so should you.Moving on completely does not mean moving onto another relationship instantly cos you will only be hurting yourself further rather move to gain more achievements and laurels for yourself cos you are a queen and queens deserve the best

Never regret any relationship you've been in rather see it as a school of learning...



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