Monday, 7 March 2016

Are you his or her rebound?

I know many of us might know the meaning of being one’s rebound but I will still try to explain it in a lay man’s English. What does it really mean to be someone’s rebound guy or girl? It simply means when a guy or a girl breaks up with someone, and instead of getting over him/her and then moving on to date others, he or she may get involved with someone right away as a method of helping them get over their ex or to avoid the pain of breakup…rebound relationships doesn’t always last long that is if the guy or the girl in question is still holding on tight to the memories of the ex..

A rebound guy or girl is basically just been used. Girls don’t be too quick or rather too gullible to fall for a guy. If for example you meet a guy and after all the introductions and toasting’s, then you say yes to being his girlfriend, my dearies pls ask him when last was he in a relationship to help you determine your direction and by that I mean if your new boyfriend literally went through a breakup which happened say a month or two, that is probably a sign of you entering into a rebound relationship especially if he was in a long term relationship just like mine before he met you.

It is very possible to meet a sweetheart that you genuinely like, but most people who go through a tough breakup need a good amount of time to themselves to get over their ex before they can move onto someone new. Even if he insists that he’s over her, trust me, he’s not.

Lemme use myself as an example… my ex and I were in a serous long term relationship that was gonna lead to marriage. we dated for 6 years but broke up Dec 2015 and I got to know that he’s already in another relationship……lol…as a girl you should know your worth…….all the nigger is tryna do is to get ova me cos you just can’t dump memories of 6yrs of your life which you spent with someone you were in love with cos no one can be as understanding and patient with him like I was………..well I wish him all the best…as for me I have not gotten over him does not mean I’ve not moved on. But my moving on is not to engage in a rebound relationship cos am just not ready for it.

In some cases when a rebound relationship gets up to a year or more, then it is a legitimate relationship. Another point of a rebound relationship is that he will not be too quick to flaunt you about and when you try to question why, he will give the excuse of him not being the PDA kind of person lol.

Another point you should mark is that at every given opportunity, he talks about his ex or if he does not directly talk about her just to respect your feelings,, he will stylishly want you to act or do things in the way his ex does which pleases him. At least with this few detailed points, it’s easy for you to know if you are a rebound to your new boo.


  1. It is most def a rebound cos you cant just dispose of memories you shared for such a long period..and most times its the lady that will show off the love more than the guy in question....its good youve moved'll be fine

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  2. It's just that everybody need to hold grip on something so.
    Sometimes it's just a rebound that can help us get through. We don't need to get really serious.

  3. Think positive Olivia, enjoy your life!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  4. I'm glad you've taken a bold step not to engage in a rebound relationship after your break-up because you may later regret it. Keep pushing dear, God will heal and give you someone who deserves and knows your worth.

  5. I think taking some time out and focusing on yourself is the way to go like you've said :)

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  6. Rebound relationships almost always backfire.

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  7. It's important to take a chill pill after a relationship. Nd if u meet someone that just got out from a relationship, the person could be your soul mate but you might never find out if that person hasn't healed and u jump into a relationship. Let them heal first. Take a breather, it's necessary.

  8. Girls are mostly the victim in a rebound relationship. It's important to look before leaping.

    1. Hope you are cool? Happy Easter.

  9. Sadly that's what I was in years ago. I didn't even know because he was smooth. Eventually I put one and one together and took a walk.


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