Saturday, 27 February 2016

What caused your breakup?

What right on earth did that man or woman have to treat you the way they did? How bad did it go?…we all claimed to be in love yet he/she could not muster up the strength to control the tensed situation….when breakup turns messy, it makes people lose faith in love.

My ex and i have been having say petty issues and all but the last straw that broke the camel’s back was when he raised his hand to hit me…that was crazy because I know how much hate and disgust I have towards domestic violence….i remembered a conversation I had with him when I told him that I will walk out of a relationship in which a man thinks he can raise his hands on me.. lol.. little did I know I was gonna be a victim.*sigh* I made up my to take a walk, but apart from the pleadings, crying and promising never to do it again which of cos never happened, I loved him deeply and truly that sometimes I curse my myself for loving a man so hopelessly… I was good in guarding my heart, my emotions that I never gave any man the chance to say it is over because to me it was nothing real at all if i don't make it real.

Well I forgave him but mind you never forgot about it. The painful part of it was the fact I remembered a time he playfully said something about how he wished he could be like a friend of his that controls women with whatever method whether hitting or so… those words stucked in my head that after he did what he did to me, I made sure I reminded him of what he said and he was like oh com’on Liv I was only kidding, never meant any of those words , it was just a harmless joke.*scoffs* a harmless joke that came through yeah.

This is just an advice for we ladies ok…no matter how much, bad or crazy you love a guy, always pay rapt attention to his words, actions, feelings don’t miss any tiny bit thing about him because it might come handy later on. Even if you having your couples play, gist laughter, lovemaking or even arguing my dearies your ear should be on the ground to pick up vital signs that will help you either walk away from an intending doom or better your relationship. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about his friends, his family or people he comes across as he goes on…am not saying you should go all James bond on him just to make him talk…no… don’t do that ok rather be more of a jack Bauer, use your instincts, be endearing yet diplomatic and trust me you don’t need to look for his mumu button to get things… even in his manly regalia, you can know stuffs.. am talking out of experience…*scoffs*my ex is stubborn and when I say stubborn he is really stubborn but yet we were best of friends why because I wasn’t a shy timid girl to him rather I was a match for his stubbornness but I was always diplomatic about it. Never be a puppet for a guy as a lady, you deserve to be respected, treated like a queen because there is a saying that goes “behind every successful man, there is a woman”.

Back to the cause of breakup, after I forgave him for the one time hit, we moved on became fiercely closer but I still tormented him with what he did to me and him on his part was trying to look for ways to make it up and I was not having it cos deep down in me I was not done healing. Everything was really cool not until our breakup date….. lol… we had a heated argument over something and the idiot used a derogatory word on me like seriously? I had to make him understand that whatever name you call me, at least thank God your mom and sister are females so if you say am a bitch or a whore or whatever, then your mother and sister are bitches and whores… Yes there it is I said it. You don’t expect me to have some stupid respect for your mom, but yet you won’t respect me…*scoffs* how on earth does that work? Huh? Am a female also just like your mom ok… and if you think you respect and love your mom, you should also have respect for me that way I will be convinced she trained you well.

So after the argument and fight like we use to have then keep malice then makeup, but that day was different t’was as if he wanted to make a repeat of hitting him and at that moment I said to myself that shit will never happen again and he saw the look in my eyes… I guess it scared him, he then decided to humiliate me by calling the cops to ask me out of his house.. Oh my Gosh…like seriously you made me come down to see you and you do that? Wait! Where did you expect me to go? You were caught up in the heat not your anger that you didn’t stop to think what will happen to her if she lives the house. Maybe some killer could get to her and you think you will go scot free? But all you wanted to show me was that your father is this or that and you can get away with things….hell no darling it only showed me how much of a weakling and a daddy’s boy you are...oh I know how much you hated been called a daddy’s boy but alas you showed me how much of a fearful bitch you were because all you could think of was using your dad’s image to scare me with them cops….loool…boy you did a nasty job cos if anything had happened to me…trust me that power you were s eager to show that night will boomerang on you darling …loool…And yes after that night fight, I said I was done and he was like he doesn’t care cos he’s also done. And I walked.

So have you guys been in worse situations than mine? Let’s hear it in the comment section


  1. You still sound pained Olivia please let go and let God completely heal you. There's is this caption "a man that treats his woman like a princess simply proof that he was raised by a queen. No woman should stay in an abusive relationship. My breakup before i met my husband was because the guy lied to me and trust once broken cannot be gotten back it's like breaking a glass and try to rearrange it back.

  2. Thanks so much for the encouragement..i have actually found peace and like you said i should let go which ofcos i've done..

  3. Good luck Olivia, I wish you all the best!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  4. Aww Olivia, I just want to give you a hug right now. Been there.

    I don't want to talk about my last break up. Lol. I've forgotten the past. I'm facing the present now. :D

  5. Domestic violence in any relationship is a red light. Good thing you took a walk, Olivia. Ehugs

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  6. Wow. Ok you called him an idiot which means you're still bitter sort of but you might say you're not though.

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