Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Let’s remember the beautiful things that happened when we were in love.

I’ve always had like very few boyfriends …or rather lemme say i’ve had guys who ask me for a relationship, instead of saying yes or no, I just play along to see how far we could go and alas in say a week to a month into the relationship, i get tired and bored and just want out….mind you my legs were always closed…Girls you can’t always open your legs for every man you get into a relationship with you…abeg this talk will be a post for another day……..

So when I eventually fell in love with my ex-boyfriend, like I said in my previous post, he was the best relationship I ever had cos at first even though I had fallen for him out rightly, I was still saying to myself that this might not go far, but I was wrong cos it went for more than 5 years…. He was just everything I hoped for in a guy…talk about been romantic…dayumm he was the best….he was caring, attentive. 

He played the role of my friend, brother, best friend and lover so perfectly *sigh* we talked almost every second of the day and not get bored that even when we get to hang out together, there were still things to talk about.. we played, fought, kept malice and made up …..all these drew us closer cos we really shared a special bound which was like we were bound like people who entered into a blood convenant(not like we ever had a blood convenant). We had memorable romantic getaways both in and out of the country, it was more like he was living for me. 

He built his world and aspirations on me that sometimes I will just look for a reason to be mad at him just so he could pet me lol…All the fake cries to get his attention and he be at my beck and call, some nights I will be sleeping and he will be half awake more like a watch dog watching over me especially when am ill…. All the movie dates we’ve had were we got to do crazy stuffs cos I taught him how to be crazy…looool…*can’t believe am actually smiling typing this* yeah yeah I know what you guys will say….Oli you were in love*…… sometimes he had to go out of his way to please me.

 He always tried his possible best to satisfy me first before himself… I remember those nights when I will wake up and say to him “baby I need a break ok… I really need a break…and he will say sweery you are stucked with me, you are going nowhere I can never leave you cos BREAKUP IS NOT AN OPTION and that If not because I know you and everything about you, I would have said you used jazz on me…hehehehe how on earth will I wanna use black magic just to get a guy to love me, .....hell no… he knew most of my likes and dislikes, he knew my material and food obsessions and always tried to feed them. He wasn’t perfect but he was my knight in shinning amour… he hurt me in so many ways which I won’t talk about in this post cos we all about remembering the good times but in all love overshadowed the pains and we still made the relation last up to 5yrs before it collapsed.

Yes I had memorable and great love with him which I know I won’t get to forget in a hurry.

Remembering the good things about your past relationship is one step you have to take to be able to move on and have the heart and grace to forgive. Whenever we go through a breakup, there is always tendency to nurture hate and evil thoughts against that person, but trust me guys let it go by having an alone time with yourself, play the video of the once great love you shared in your head and trust me you will find yourself smiling and gradually the pain will leave…I’ve been there and it has helped a lot. You can add a twist by listening to really cool blues to water your heart down.

Because it's over does not mean you should hate yourself and forget that a word like love ever don't do that..remembering that love actually helps you love yourself once again thereby moving on faster.

So over to you guys share with us the good things you can remember and pls not the bad cos we will get there. Meet you guys in the comment section.


  1. Such a nice quote! Bisous, Sand.
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  2. Beautiful write up...

  3. Hope you are feeling much better now.. xoxo

  4. Great piece, made me smile.

  5. Great piece, made me smile.


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