Monday, 29 February 2016

How did you manage your breakup?

Like I said in post 3, when we broke and I got home was alone and what have you, the truth is that I didn’t feel any pain to shed a tear or better still cry.. I was really calm about it even tho I was angry and wished I could have inflicted pains on him really bad and all, yet I didn’t cry for losing him.. He was the love of my life no doubt but I had trained my emotions so hard to withstand pain. I had this notion that no matter how much a man will love and cherish you, he will still hurt you and the painful one’s are usually from people who we love.

I handled the breakup really well and about my business like nothing happened, tried to engage myself in more work and with that I thought less about him, I hanged out more with friends, watched lots of movies, basically did things to distract me and it work not until one of my bull head besties came asking questions and I had to open up to him… l ol… bad move cos he started giving me the sob story that he is mourning the demise of my relationship with my ex..hahahaha. Like serious is that not funny? He was like he is yet to beat his chest to even a month relationship, but a relationship of almost 6yrs going down the drain just like that….. despite the fact that he knew how much in love the two parties were…I had to tell him to stop talking and let me be because I’ve moved on though not to another relationship, but to empower myself better …like I say “the best revenge is to be successful”

So there you have it I toughened myself up and am trying to be a better woman in work. Sometimes when some of my friends tell me what they go through and all, I tell them that you guys need a break from the dating game.

There are so many ways you can handle your breakup without having to look like an emotional mess thereby making the other party think they’ve got power over you… my dearies just get up and forge ahead and you’ll find something or someone good for you out there.


  1. I created posts on how I managed my break up. You might want to check on them:

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    I like that you got yourself occupied with work and spent time with friends. Those are good moves. They work everytime.

    Have a great day, Oli. Cheers

  2. I tried to distract myself in every possible ways...

  3. I got myself occupied with church activities and hanging out with friends. Breakup is never a good thing to happen to someone who's deeply in love.


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